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Prabir Chatterjee, a veteran information technology management consultant, led North-American architecture practice group at a global technology services company. He has over 17 years’ experience serving in principal and information technology management roles in strategy and technology consulting. He is responsible for thought leadership, pre-sales, project execution, and partnering with clients to deliver strategies and enterprise solutions that maximize business performance and return on investment.

Mr. Chatterjee is a well-respected technology expert and has a broad background in information technology management, business planning and evaluation. His experience includes multi-disciplinary engagements involving strategy and technology services. He also has extensive experience of operational, infrastructure, and project management under ITIL and PMI project management framework. His clientele include fortune 1000 companies and Government agencies like MDOT, others. He is experienced with various industry domains - healthcare, insurance, finance, banking, retail, telecommunication, and govt. agencies. His main focus is on establishing and building key client executive relationships by increasing efficiencies and effectiveness of most important asset of any organization, their data.

Mr. Chatterjee is one of the three Co-Founders of i-Biz4, Inc., an innovation center thriving for its mission to be “the Midwest entrepreneurial epicenter for accelerating the knowledge, growth and success of sustainable businesses by commercializing emerging technology to connect Universities, local communities and investors to make Chicago the destination of global innovation”.  At i-Biz4, he focuses on technology management, data strategy, IP licensing strategy, technology analysis, risk analytics/modeling, business intelligence.

Mr. Chatterjee is graduated from Executive MBA program at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is an active board member of Illinois MBA (Regular, PMBA and EMBA) alumni association.